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  • 7 Home Office Organization Ideas

    Many of us have found ourselves working from home in recent times. All over the country, documents are messily sprawled across makeshift desks in cramped spaces. But no matter your home office situation, being organized is a must for producing quality work.

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  • Office Design Trends in 2021

    The events of 2020 affected everyone across the globe, businesses especially. In light of quarantine procedures, many companies decided to rethink how they do business.

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  • Tips for Setting Up a Home Office in 2021

    With the crazy year we’ve had, many businesses have made some major changes in the workplace—primarily adopting remote work policies.

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  • What Your Reception Area Says About Your Business

    Your reception area is more than just a welcome, it’s an advertisement for your business. For some visitors, it’s the only space they’ll ever see!

    What is your reception are saying about your business, and is it sending the right message?

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  • 5 Pro Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

    So you’re getting ready to move into a brand new office space, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing one? It may not seem like office furniture is that important of a choice, but it may be the single most important one you make after choosing the actual space you occupy. Discover these 5 pro tips, tricks and advice to help when choosing office furniture that will make your business stand out against the competition.

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  • 5 Tips for Buying Office Cubicles

    Cubicles are the centerpieces of many offices. They’re a wonderful way to add privacy and block out noise within an open office space, and they’re extremely cost-effective.
    Office Pros has a massive selection of both new and used office furniture, including cubicles. Here’s what to consider before investing in new “cubes” for your office space.

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  • Things to Consider when Moving a Business

    Starting a home-based business is exciting, but growth is always the key goal, and when your business grows bigger than your house can contain you need to move into a better facility. Moving your business can be exciting but is also confusing and scary and there are a ton of factors to consider. If you’re not careful you can end up losing money by taking a facility that’s just not up to the task. Control the process of moving a business and get the most out of the experience by taking these important factors into account and using the best movers.

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  • Organizing the Office for the New Year

    Whether your office is open floor plan or as traditional as it gets, it’s time to clean it out. January is the perfect time to finally get organized. Your customers and your employees will thank you!

    The statistics on organization are staggering. Every year, U.S. executives waste an average of 150 hours of time looking for important documents in the office. A full 80% of papers that are filed are thought to have never been looked at again.

    Don’t fear…Office Pros Online can help you make this the year your office gets organized! Here are a few of the best places to start.

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  • Choosing the Right Cubicles for Your Office Space

    Cubicles have been a fixture of workspaces for many decades. They’ve had their ups and downs, enjoyed increases and decreases in popularity, but these modular workspaces are outstanding for office design and functionality, offering a great balance between performance, privacy and collaboration.

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  • 2017 Workplace Design Trends

    Every business needs to work to keep up with the latest trends in corporate culture, what you have to offer your workers and the latest tools and comfort for your staff. This includes everything from the technology and amenities you offer your employees to the sheer overall design of your office.
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