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7 Home Office Organization Ideas

Many of us have found ourselves working from home in recent times. All over the country, documents are messily sprawled across makeshift desks in cramped spaces. But no matter your home office situation, being organized is a must for producing quality work.

So if you're ready to vamp up your work from home life today, we are going to give you some great tips on how to organize your home office. In the end, they are sure to make work easier and your home office more enjoyable.


1. Optimize Desk Space

At minimum, you want the space In front of your computer and where your arms rest to be clear, but everywhere else around that zone can be optimized for a functional and organized desktop.

One classic method for this is using a home office desk organizer. There are many different ones to choose from to match your preferences and existing room decor. Some stack on top of eachother while others have slots for paper, are sectioned, or have other additional functions. However, they all keep tabletop items and office supplies that are used daily neatly together in one place on the desk.

To free up some extra desk space, take advantage of desk drawers or space underneath the desk. Different drawers or storage bins can be used to categorize supplies and documents. They can also be used to hide away supplies which are not used often or create unnecessary clutter.

Overall, an open desk can make the whole room look neater, and is proven to have benefits on productivity. Take advantage of drawers and desktop organizers to keep your desk clear and belongings in order.


2. Get Rid of Paper Clutter

There are many ways to sort or store documents, and everyone has their own preferences, from filing cabinets to wall hangers to organizer racks. To get rid of paper clutter for good, you’ll need the right tools and a document organization system of your own.

Start by determining how to sort the documents as soon as they arrive. Many people choose to use letter trays and organizer racks, which have multiple slots for categorizing documents. This may sit on your desk or hang from the wall.

Then, you’ll need a sorting system for storing important documents once you finish with them. There are classic filing cabinets as well as plastic filing boxes, which are less bulky and easy to move around.

Binders, and of course binder tabs, can be very useful as well. Binders can be neatly lined up on a shelf and still be visually appealing. They allow you to sort documents first by what binder they’re in, and then also by the tab. All of these products are all helpful options for organizing home office paper clutter.

By creating a filing system to quickly move papers where they belong, mail, reports, and records will never pile up on your desk again.


3. Small Room? Utilize Wall Space

The space behind a desk is often perfect for adding shelving. Shelves keep objects out of the way and allow for easy access when necessary. Shelves can also be added in other places around the room as needed.

Besides shelving, there are many other useful tricks for home office wall organization. There are mounted file holders and wall organizers to choose from. You can also use cork boards, peg boards, and wire racks to hang papers, photos, documents, and other items. By using a wall organization system for home offices, you can maximize the space that a room has to offer.


4. Put Closets to Good Use

Closets make amazing storage rooms. Take the opportunity to line the walls with shelving, drawers, and cubby holes to bring more organization to your home office. While it’s tempting to just put objects in the space as-is, it’s important to remember to be organized and systematic when it comes to a space you’ll be working in and using every day.

Using a closet in the right way can open up space for other areas of the room and is great for storing what you don’t need very often. By using all the forms of home office closet organization, you should be able to create a space where belongings are easy to find. You can even utilize the back of the door—get creative!


5. Keep it Minimal

There are many minimalist home office organization tools worth trying out, such as single space organizers. A few good organizers can help you to declutter for a clean and minimalist office space. You can use drawers and bins to hide away anything that looks messy.

For bookshelves, put binders on display and other things you need which are pleasing to the eyes. No additional decorations are needed for home offices when the belongings themselves are used as the decorations. Minimalist offices keep it simple. You’ll be able to quickly spot whatever you need at the time.


6. Thoughtfully Incorporate Organization Products

Though it is a good idea to take advantage of open wall space, not every wall needs to be filled with home office organization products. The same goes for your desk. Keeping things neatly tucked away in the corners is the way to go.

If you can benefit from home office organization products, then go for it. But make sure not to go overboard. We recommended only buying the organizational products which you have a need for. They should enhance your home office rather than just adding to the clutter.


7. Bring Your Home Office Organization Ideas to Life at Office Pro’s

Interested in these wonderful home office organizations tips? What better way to put them to use than with the help of Office Pro’s. We sell organizers, used and new office furniture, and everything you need to create an organized and productive home office. To get started, you can visit our website or call 866-817-7767. Any home office product you desire can be delivered across the country and straight to your door.